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Athletic Goals

Mission: To raise the banner of Christ by using the platform of sports to communicate to others, strive to get better, and elevate the Conqueror Program through purpose and positivity!

Sport  Head Coach 
Varsity Boys Basketball Addison Calley
Varsity Girls Volleyball  Steve Burmaster
Varsity Girls Basketball  LeaRon Reid
Varsity Boys Soccer  Tim White 
Varsity Girls Soccer  TBA
Varsity Baseball  Wes Dixon 
Varsity Golf  Anthony Falco, II
Junior Varsity Boys Basketball  Wes Dixon
Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball  Amanda Frankini
Junior Varsity Girls Basketball  LeaRon Reid
Junior Varsity Boys Soccer  Edward Recinos
Junior Varsity Girls Soccer  TBA
Junior High Girls Volleyball  Nathan Ramos
Junior High Boys Basketball  Samuel Shim
Junior High Girls Basketball  TBA
Junior High Boys Soccer  Gunnar Malstrom
Junior High Girls Soccer Kelsey Pallex
Junior High Boys Baseball Gunnar Malstrom
Elementary Girls Volleyball  Stephanie Schopf
Elementary Boys Basketball  Gunnar Malstrom
Cross Country (Boys & Girls)  Annika Seuschek
Track and Field (Boys & Girls) Annika Seuschek
Seasonal Sports Schedule

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Fall Sports
 Boys Soccer

  • Junior High
  • Varsity

Girls Volleyball

  • Junior High
  • Junior Varsity
  • Varsity

Boys & Girls Cross Country

  • Junior High
  • Varsity

Boys & Girls Golf

  • Junior High
  • Varsity

Winter Sports
 Boys Basketball

  • Elementary
  • Junior High
  • Junior Varsity
  • Varsity

Girls Basketball

  • Junior High
  • Junior Varsity
  • Varsity

Spring Sports
 Girls Soccer

  • Junior High
  • Varsity

Boys Baseball

  • Middle School
  • Varsity

Boys & Girls Track and Field

  • Junior High
  • Varsity

Coed T-Ball

  • K5-3rd Grade

Soccer Practices Franklin Chino Park
 700-722 Evanston Street
 Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

Home Soccer Games Olympic Fields
 1839 New Schaumburg Road
 Schaumburg, IL 60173

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