Attendance & Absences

Regular attendance is a requirement at Schaumburg Christian School. In order to gain the most from school, each student must be regular in attendance. The following guidelines will assist you in understanding our policy regarding absences and truancies.

Absence Notification

Parents should notify the school office in advance of the absence whenever possible. In the case of illness, parents are asked to call the school office before 9:00 a.m. stating the specific reason for the absence. Unless notified, the school will attempt to call the home of the absentee. After an extended absence, the returning student should bring a note explaining the reason for the absence. No refunds on tuition are made because of absences.

24-hour Attendance recorder: (847) 885-3230, press option 4. Please leave the following information:

  • Name of student
  • Date(s) and duration of absence
  • Specific reason for absence
  • Identify yourself (i.e. relationship to student)
  • Would you like homework and class work sent to the school office for pickup?

When an absence occurs, the student is responsible for any class work missed and must arrange with the teacher to make up assignments, tests and quizzes.

To learn more about specific types of absences and tardies, select an area below for more details.

Excused Absence

Schaumburg Christian School defines excused absences as:

  • Illness
  • Professional appointments (medical, dental, legal, etc.)
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Verified school functions (field trips, clubs, sports, performances, and/or extracurricular activities approved by administration and/or faculty)
  • Class Cuts

The student will have an equal number of days of excused absence to make up daily homework. The student should expect to make up quizzes and tests on the day he/she returns to class, if they were assigned before the absence. Previously assigned homework will be due when the student returns. If a student's absence is long term, or he/she has missed class review for a quiz or test, then arrangements between the teacher and student will be made to make up the work. Papers and projects which are assigned two weeks or more prior to their due date must be turned in on the day a student returns to school from an absence. (Teachers and administrative prerogatives may be used as deemed necessary.)

Unexcused Absence

Unexcused absences include absences for all reasons other than those listed for excused absence.  Unexcused absentees will not be able to make up any work unless satisfactory arrangements were made with the teacher before the absence occurred.

Approved Extended Absences (Class Cuts)

A maximum of five days of class cuts are permitted each semester for unavoidable absences. These are for non-school-sponsored parent-attended activities including church-sponsored functions, college visits, and family vacations. If possible, family vacations should be restricted to days when school is not in session. Individual student vacations or other activities that do not include parents will not be approved. Class cuts are to be arranged at least two school days prior to the absence. Class cuts may not be taken during the first two weeks of the school year or during the final two weeks of each semester. Transfer students may not take class cuts within two weeks of their admission date.

Elementary Students

Parents of elementary students are asked to arrange class cuts through their child's teacher.

Middle School and Senior High Students

Middle School and senior high students must arrange class cuts through the school office by completing a Cuts Permission Form.

Early Dismissal

When a student needs to leave school before the normal dismissal time, the school must have parental permission by written note or a phone call to the school office. The parent/guardian must sign out his/her student at the receptionist desk. If the student drives, early dismissal must be verified with the parent/guardian by phone.

Extra-Curricular Participation

In order to be eligible for practices, contests/games or performances, a student must arrive at school by 11:00 a.m. and stay for the remainder of the school day. If a student is absent from school due to illness, he/she cannot participate in a practice, game, or performance that day.

Credit Loss

Any student absent for thirty or more days during the school year may be retained at the same grade level. In junior and senior high school, this would result in a loss of credit for any course in which the student has accumulated thirty absences.


Students will be expected to be on time to school and all scheduled activities during the school day.  Students who come to school late or who are delayed in going to first hour class, should go directly to the office for a pass. Please help your child learn responsibility by insisting that he arrive on time for school. Habitual tardiness may result in suspension from school.

All students are expected to be in their classroom assigned seats when the bell rings. If a student is tardy to class, the student will report to the school receptionist to register their attendance and obtain a tardy slip. A student arriving twenty minutes after the beginning of the class period will be marked absent.