As your guidance counselor, my goal first and foremost is to help you see where the Lord is leading you. I will help facilitate high school course selections so you are prepared for college level course work; keep you abreast of college admission exams, fees, dates and deadlines; meet with you regularly as you research colleges, universities, military or entering the work force; provide college resource materials on the admission process, financial aid, and where to begin the search for scholarships.
 In doing so, I’d like to share with you procedures for the College Advising Resource Room (CARR).

Independent visit

  • You must have a pass to and from the CARR or class once a period has begun.
  • Leave your name and reason for your CARR visit on the clipboard by the door if I’m not available.
  • Brose resource materials and ask questions at your leisure.
  • Your electronic devices are permitted for research purposes.

Scheduled visit

  • Your CARR appointment card is your pass from class to the CARR.
  • Come prepared to share information.
  • Your electronic devices are permitted for research purposes.

Resource materials

  • Materials are limited and may be borrowed for your use.
  • Return items in a timely fashion.
  • Materials with a CARR label are for use in the CARR only.

CARR - College Advising Resource Room Hours

  • Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. or by appointment
  • Daniel Building, Room 206
  • (847) 885-3230 ext. 3037

[email protected]