Extended Care


SCS offers Extended Care before and after school hours to help parents with a demanding schedule.

Extended Care Overview

Early Morning Care

Schaumburg Christian School offers early morning care for students in preschool through eighth grade for an additional fee. Early morning care begins at 6:30 a.m. However, students may arrive at school at 7:30 a.m. without incurring any early morning care charge.

Afternoon Care

Schaumburg Christian School offers afternoon care for students in preschool through eighth grade for an additional fee. Afternoon care begins immediately after school and ends as late as 6:00 p.m.

Enrolling in Extended Care

To enroll in the extended care program, you must complete the Extended Care Enrollment/Change Form.

For more information on the Extended Care Program at Schaumburg Christian School, please contact Sandi Meza ([email protected]) at 847-885-3230, ext 6006.

General Extended Care Plan Information (Please Read)

Charges for any of the 2023-2024 Extended Care (UPDATED, 11.28.23) options are in addition to the regular tuition payments. Extended care charges are billed monthly from September through May. We do not prorate extended care plans or give credit for portions of a monthly plan that is not used. 

To change or drop an extended care plan, you must complete an Extended Care Enrollment/Change Form. Extended care plan changes will become effective the first of the following month. There will be a $30 fee for changing the extended care plan option after September 1.

Extended Care Frequent Questions

Regarding My Extended Care Plan