Preschool (3 year olds) & 
Pre-Kindergarten (4 year olds)

The three and four year old programs are an excellent early childhood learning program teaching children through activity-based learning in academics, music, art, and poetry. Our classes are designed to provide a happy learning atmosphere where the teacher can lovingly meet each child's personal needs.

Preschool - Curriculum
Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum


Kindergarten is an integral part of the total school program. It is not a babysitting service or play-school, but an enjoyable opportunity to learn phonics based reading, math, science, handwriting, music, and art. Students completing the program participate in a beautiful cap and gown graduation ceremony.

Kindergarten Curriculum


The elementary program is designed to help students excel in all subject areas. The reading program focuses on mastering phonics. The curriculum of the elementary school of Schaumburg Christian School is sequentially organized centering on mastery of mathematics, grammar, spelling, science, history, geography, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and penmanship.

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade

Junior High (7th–8th Grades)

The course of study for students entering junior high school provides challenge and motivation to help provide stability in a time of physical and emotional transition. Dedicated Christian teachers and active participation in Christian activities provide students leadership, stability, encouragement, inspiration, and direction. The curriculum of the junior high is centered on the core subjects of language arts, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and Bible, as well as computer skills and fine arts.

7th Grade
8th Grade

High School (9th–12th Grades)

Schaumburg Christian High School offers a superior college preparatory education in a Christian atmosphere. Graduates of our high school are attending colleges and universities all over the United States. Our teachers are known for their willingness to help students learn and for their genuine concern for students' individual needs. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of music, sports, and social activities.

9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade