Preschool Faculty
Adan, Celerina [email protected]
Linstrom, Nicole
[email protected]

Pre-Kindergarten Faculty
Abdelkodous, Daisy[email protected]
LeMere, Cindy [email protected]
Wood, Kelly [email protected]

Kindergarten Faculty
Brown, Sue [email protected]
Fields, Joanna [email protected]
Jordan, Stacy [email protected]
Lujan, Rufina [email protected]
McVey, Darla [email protected]
Schaefer, Emily [email protected]

Elementary Faculty
Grade 1
Cole, Melissa [email protected]
Galina, Aida [email protected]
Wynn, Christina [email protected]
Yates, Caitlin[email protected]
Grade 2
Csoka, Jessica [email protected]
DeYoung, Jeni [email protected]
PHOTO NOT AVAILABLEWhite, Christina[email protected]
Grade 3
Aycock, Kristen [email protected]
Davis, Emily [email protected]
PHOTO NOT AVAILABLEFlowers, Cheryl[email protected]
Grade 4
DeYoung, Al [email protected]
Mason, Angela[email protected]
Grade 5
Moehring, Melissa [email protected]
Schopf, Stephanie [email protected]
Grade 6
Hausner, Michelle [email protected]
Vandermeir, Tammie
[email protected]

Physical Education
Cummings, Alice [email protected]
McVey, Kyle [email protected]
Wynn, Jon [email protected]

Junior High and High School Faculty
Bliss, Teresa [email protected]
Borlik, John[email protected]
Croswell, JJ [email protected]
Csoka, Joshua [email protected]
Cummings, Alice [email protected]
Dickinson, Peter [email protected]
Dickinson, Jaimie [email protected]
Funderburg, Laura [email protected]
Gower, Dave [email protected]
Henry, Shawnette [email protected]
Hogan, Shawn [email protected]
McVey, Kyle [email protected]
Mills, Ryan[email protected]
North, Meghan[email protected]
Ramos, Nathan[email protected]
Weber, Joe [email protected]
White, Joan [email protected]
Wynn, Jon [email protected]
Young, Sue [email protected]

Music Faculty
Chai, Kathy - Handbells [email protected]
Montes, Angela - VoiceExt 5510 [email protected]
Riffel, Keith - Band (Elementary and Senior High), BrassExt 3042 [email protected]
Schmidt, Nicole - Strings Ext 3043
[email protected]
Sitenga, WendyExt 6637 [email protected]
VanderKooi, Katie - Elementary Music (3rd and 4th) Ext 3147 [email protected]
White, Tim Ext 3027 [email protected]

Support Faculty
Plonk, Pastor Joshua (Children’s Pastor) [email protected]
Bliss, Teresa (Art Instructor) [email protected]
DeYoung, Rita (Modified Academic Program Tutor) [email protected]
Ramos, Nathan (Computer Instructor)[email protected]