Homework Policy

Homework is a necessary part of each child's education. All students will be assigned homework by their teachers. Parents should oversee these assignments nightly.

The purpose for homework is as follows:

  1. For Drill—most students require solid drilling to master material essential to their educational progress.
  2. For Practice—following classroom explanation, illustration and drill on new material, homework is given so that the material will be mastered.
  3. For Remedial Activity—as instruction progresses, various weak points in a student's grasp of subject matter become evident. Homework is given to overcome such difficulties.

Students are expected to accept the responsibility for completing their homework as follows:

  • Have the necessary materials to complete their homework.
  • Ask questions as needed to clarify their assignments.
  • Work as independently as possible.
  • Complete their assignments with minimal help from parents.
  • Complete their homework in a thorough and thoughtful manner.
  • Complete their homework by the due date.

We request that parents assume the responsibility of ensuring that assignments are completed on time. However, this does not mean that parents do the work for the child. The maximum amount of learning, along with the development of personal responsibility, is attained when children are encouraged to recognize that completion of homework is primarily their own responsibility.