International Questions and Answers

Question:  How does Schaumburg Christian School define “International Student?” 
Answer:  An international student is any non-U.S. citizen who needs a student visa to attend school in the United States.

Question:  Does Schaumburg Christian School issue I-20’s? 
Answer:  Yes. However, SCS does not automatically issue the I-20 form. An application review must first be conducted. If we admit the student we first send the Acceptance Letter with instructions about payment, then we issue the I-20.

Question:  Is there a special international student application? 
Answer:  Yes. You can download the international student application.

Question:  Is there an application checklist I can use? 
Answer:  Yes. Here is a checklist that should be helpful. You must send us the following:

  • Completed International Student Application
  • Signed Statement of Cooperation
  • $430 non-refundable application fee (This includes the I-20 Processing Fee and the Registration and Curriculum fees.)
  • Completed Emergency Treatment Form
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate or passport
  • Recommendation Form
  • Student Form
  • Required health forms for school physical, sports physical, eye examinations and dental examinations
  • Immunization records
  • Transcripts, standardized test scores, and a summary of your completed courses translated into English. The Release of Records Form must be delivered to your current school for completion. All standardized test scores in your records must be included with the transcripts.
  • Interview with Host/Guardian family.

Question:  How will I be notified of my acceptance?

Answer:  Once it is determined that the applicant meets our criteria and if we have space available, we subsequently send via regular mail and email an Acceptance Letter and Tuition Statement to the family. The Acceptance Letter is our official notification that the student has been accepted to our school for the specified term. The Acceptance Letter may include specific provisions that the student or family must meet in order to complete the enrollment process.

Question:  When can I make my appointment to interview with the US Consulate for my Visa Interview?

Answer:  Once you receive the Letter of Acceptance you may contact the U.S. Consulate office nearest you to apply for and schedule your visa interview. In some countries such as China, Taiwan or Hong Kong, the next available interview appointment may take up to three weeks. Please note you will not be granted an interview unless you have the original signed I-20 form in your possession.

Question:  Can I pay my fees with a credit card? 
Answer:  Schaumburg Christian School works with Smart Tuition for payments. Once you are enrolled, you will receive an email from them which will instruct you on how to sign up to pay your fees with a credit card.

Question:  Is there financial aid? 
Answer:  Financial aid is not available to international students.

Question:  How long does it take for Schaumburg Christian School to issue the I-20 form? 
Answer:  Once our bank gives us confirmation that your payment is deposited, we will send the I-20 form. We generally send the I-20 form to the student or designated contact person within 72 ours of receipt of funds.

Question:  How does Schaumburg Christian School send the I-20 to international students? 
Answer:  We typically send the I-20 form via US Express Mail or FedEx depending upon the country to which we are sending it.

Question:  Is there anything else I should know before I leave my home country?

Answer:  When you are ready to travel to the US, please bring your passport, visa document, and most importantly the I-20 form with you to your departing airport. Carry these documents with you. Do not pack them away in your suitcase. You will need to present them to the US immigration officials when you get off the plane.

Question:  Are TOEFL scores needed? 
Answer:  Yes, Schaumburg Christian School requires TOEFL scores to be submitted. Students should demonstrate a willingness to learn English and study hard to prepare for college admission.

Question:  Do I need to have a guardian based in the United States? 
Answer:  Yes! All international students must have a U.S. residential guardian and up-to-date contact information must be provided on the application. You must keep a US guardian every year that you attend SCS.

Question:  Do I need medical insurance? 
Answer:  While this is not a requirement to attend SCS, it is highly advisable that each student have some form of medical insurance in the event of sickness or injury. SCS does not provide student medical insurance. Any medical expenses incurred are the responsibility of the student and their family.

Question:  Who can I contact for more information or if I have questions? 
Karen Bustamante 
School Registrar 
Schaumburg Christian School 
200 North Roselle Road 
Schaumburg, IL 60194 
Phone: 847-885-3230, x3116
Fax: 847-885-3354