2019-2020 Results

Each year the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS) conducts a national Creative Writing contest for elementary (4th-6th) and junior high (7th-8th) students. In order to send our best entries to this competition, SCS conducts our own in-house Creative Writing Contest. Students are given the option of writing either a short story or poem during a 90-minute writing session.

The topics chosen by the AACS for this year were as follows:
POETRY—Write a poem about something that is in your desk, locker, or backpack. 
SHORT STORY – Write a story in which a pet changes in an unusual way (examples: small pet becomes huge, slow pet becomes fast, tame pet becomes wild).

POETRY—Write a poem about a small-town hero.
SHORT STORY – Write a story that ends with the main character saying, “One good turn deserves another.”

Below are the results from our SCS in-house contest. Congratulations to all of our students for a job well done!!

Elementary Poetry Winners
1st Place – Riya Tulsiani (entry advanced to IACS state competition)
2nd Place – Tara Victor
3rd Place – Mehar Grewal

Elementary Short Story Winners
1st Place – Ava Cummins (entry advanced to IACS state competition)
2nd Place – Isabella Han
3rd Place – Jena Bouji

Junior High Poetry Winners
1st Place – Nalani Etes (entry advanced to IACS state competition)
2nd Place – Paige Thumutok
3rd Place – Jack Cummins

Junior High Short Story Winners
1st Place – Shreya Banerjee (entry advanced to IACS state competition)
2nd Place – Christiana Kirov
3rd Place – Stephanie Tenuto

Illinois Association of Christian Schools (IACS) – STATE RESULTS
3rd Place – Nalani Etes (Junior High Poetry)
2nd Place – Riya Tulsiani (Elementary Poetry)
1st Place – Ava Cummins (Elementary Short Story)
1st Place – Shreya Banerjee (Junior High Short Story)

AACS National Competition Results
2nd Place – Ava Cummins (Elementary Short Story)
2nd Place – Shreya Banerjee (Junior High Short Story)