Remote Option for 2020-2021


The administration and teachers at Schaumburg Christian School believe in-person learning is best for the students, but we also realize that in-person instruction is not an option for some of our students with elevated health risks or who have family members with elevated health risks. Therefore, any families who do not feel comfortable having their children attend school in person can sign up for our remote option.

Please read the information below to answer your questions regarding Schaumburg Christian School’s 2020-2021 Remote Learning option.

What grade levels can do Remote Learning?

The remote learning option is available for kindergarten through 12th grade students.

Do we need to sign up for the Remote Learning option?

Yes, Schaumburg Christian School will assume all students enrolled for the 2020-2021 school year will be part of the in-person learning unless you complete a remote learning google form for your student. Please contact the school office to receive a link to complete a remote learning google form.

Is there a price reduction for the Remote Learning option?

No, tuition will remain the same for both in-person and remote learning. Schaumburg Christian School understands the parents will have more responsibility and the student will not receive all the benefits of being in-person, but from the school’s standpoint, our teachers will have more work to manage both in-person and remote students as well as the added expense the school will incur adding technology to make this type of remote learning possible.

Can students using Remote Learning transfer to In-Person Learning?

Yes, when families using the remote learning option feel comfortable sending their student to in-person learning, they can do so at any time by contacting the school office.

Technology Requirements for Remote Learning

  • Each student will need internet access with a computer or tablet.
  • Each student will need the ability to print, scan, and email required assignments.
  • Printing, scanning, and email capabilities must be accessible to the student while at home doing remote learning since some assignments/assessments will need to be done synchronously with the classroom time.
  • Each student will need to be signed in with video when the class is in session.
  • Students will not be penalized for occasional internet or technology issues.

Details of Schaumburg Christian School’s Remote Learning

  • Before remote learning begins, the parent and student will need to set up a specific time to meet the remote teacher and get the student’s books as well as have any questions answered.
  • Remote learning will be synchronous with the regular classroom at SCS via zoom, google meet, or something similar.
  • Attendance will be taken as with the in-person students.
  • Remote learning will be taught by an SCS teacher from your student’s grade level. If you switch your student to in-person learning sometime throughout the 2020-2021 school year, there is a chance your student may not have the same teacher that was doing the remote learning instruction.
  • Parents are asked to oversee student engagement during remote learning as appropriate by age and ability level. This includes keeping current with school and classroom communications and helping the student participate in learning.
  • Parents are not expected to assume the role of the teacher or teach new content.
  • Teachers will individually work out specific details with the parents of their remote students to determine how assessments will be proctored.
  • Teachers will be available to answer remote student questions as they are with in-person students during the synchronous class time. If additional questions come up or help is needed, remote students can email or request a phone call from the teacher.
  • Art lessons and private music lessons will be available to remote students.

Specific class availability for middle school and high school

  • Classes not available for remote students: band, choir, educational lab, hand bells, orchestra, and yearbook.
  • Physical Education for 7th-10th grade students will not be synchronous; PE teachers will give assignments for these grades to be completed so the students can receive credit.
  • Questions about other specific classes should be directed to
    the middle school principal ([email protected]) or the high school principal [email protected]).