In-Person Classes for 2020-2021

August 14 – Covid-19 Update for 2020-2021 In-Person Classes
*(Updated information from the IDPH in FAQ format can be found below in the Health and Safety section.)
During this unprecedented time, we are excited that Schaumburg Christian School will be opening in the fall with in-person classes. Even though there will be some changes, the mission of SCS has not changed. Our mission is “to prepare each student for a successful life through excellent academics, purpose driven extracurriculars, and life changing biblical instruction in a loving, Christian environment.” As we strive to fulfill this mission, please know that the health and safety of employees, students, and their families are at the top of our minds in all decisions made pertaining to the reopening of school.

*As of 11/4/2020 – Frequently Asked Questions regarding the health and safety for schools doing in-person learning have been posted by the IDPH. You can access the different categories below or refer to the complete IDPH document.
1) FAQ: Face Coverings – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
2) FAQ: Sick Students or Staff
3) FAQ: Covid-19 Testing
4) FAQ: Contact Tracing
5) FAQ: School Closure

The administration and teachers at Schaumburg Christian School believe in-person learning is best for the students, and we know that most of you are excited about SCS resuming in-person learning this fall. We also realize that in-person instruction is not an option for some of our students with elevated health risks or who have family members with elevated health risks. Therefore, any families who do not feel comfortable having their children attend school in person can sign up for our remote option. Please click here to read more about our remote option.

We want to make school look as normal as possible for our students, but we will need to make some modifications to ensure the health and safety of employees, students, and their families. Parents need to understand despite reasonable mitigation efforts on behalf of SCS, physical interaction with the public at large may pose some unavoidable risks to you, your child, and your family due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

School-wide Cleaning and Disinfection
Schaumburg Christian School has added more frequent cleaning and disinfection to reduce exposure.

SCS will clean frequently touched surfaces (e.g., door handles/knobs, desktops/tabletops, counter tops, light switches, pencil sharpeners, computer keyboards, hands-on learning items, phones, toys, cubbies/coat and backpack areas, sinks and faucets, buses/vans) on a daily basis.

SCS will be using EPA-approved disinfectants for use against the coronavirus.


Symptom Screenings
Schaumburg Christian School is following the IDPH guidelines for returning to in-person learning. In compliance with these guidelines, we will be requiring all individuals planning to enter our facilities to conduct a daily self-check health screening via a check of the Covid-19 symptoms listed below before entering our facility each day.

  • Temperature greater than 100.4 degrees
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle and body aches
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

We ask that individuals who are experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms to remain at home and schedule a visit with their healthcare provider. Please do not enter our facilities until you have absolutely no symptoms for 24 hours without symptom suppressing medication. If your child has tested positive for Covid-19, they must quarantine for the required 14 days and be symptom free for 24 hours without symptom suppressing medication before entering our facilities. If someone in your household (or someone in contact with your child) has tested positive for Covid-19, all other remaining members of the household must quarantine for the required 10 days to monitor for Covid-19 symptoms. If no symptoms occur during this 10-day quarantine, then entrance back into our facility will be allowed. Please refer to the IDPH guidelines for more details.

Student or Staff Member Becomes Sick
Please refer to the 8-13-2020 FAQ posted by the IDPH regarding this topic.

Hand Hygiene
Schaumburg Christian School will teach and encourage frequent proper hand washing. Soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc., will be in all common areas of the building. Hand washing with soap and water is always the first recommended line of defense, but where this is not feasible or readily accessible, the use of hand sanitizer will be used.

Hands should be washed often with soap and water for 20 seconds. It is recommended that hand hygiene is performed upon arrival to and departure from school; after blowing one’s nose, coughing, or sneezing; following restroom use; before food preparation or before and after eating; before/after routine care for another person, such as a child; after contact with a person who is sick; upon return from the playground/physical education; and following glove removal.

Additionally, students will be directed and encouraged to avoid touching the face (eye, nose, mouth) to decrease the transmission of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases

Face Coverings
Please refer to the 8-13-2020 FAQ posted by the IDPH regarding this topic.

Mental Health
It is possible Covid-19 will continue to affect the mental health of faculty, staff, students, and their families. Schaumburg Christian School desires to provide a supportive and Christian environment for those struggling with socio-emotional or spiritual health. The Biblical Counseling Center, a professional biblical counseling network, has a location on the SCS campus. SCS offers a male and female professional biblical counselor to provide professional assessments in crisis situations, collaborate with parents to provide assistance where needed in the development of students, and connect school families with counseling professionals for longer-term needs such as educational testing and long-term counseling. Please contact the school office or your child’s teacher if help is needed.

Maintaining Social Distancing
Schaumburg Christian School has developed procedures in an attempt to ensure a 3-foot to 6-foot physical distance from other persons as much as possible. These procedures pertain to students and staff members in all areas and settings to the greatest extent possible. SCS will have posted visual reminders throughout school buildings as well as indicators to help students keep safe distances in areas where students congregate or line up.

SCS is asking students and staff to abstain from physical contact, including, but not limited to, handshakes, high fives, hugs, etc.

As much as possible, SCS will implement a homeroom stay, meaning the teachers rotate instead of the students. This will prevent less traffic in the hall and keep students from sharing desks.


Art Classes
Schaumburg Christian School still plans to offer art classes. When possible, these classes will be organized into smaller sizes to provide for social distancing. For art classes in 6th grade and below, the art teacher will travel to the different classrooms instead of having all the students share the same art classroom throughout the day.

Private after-school art lessons are still being offered.

Auditorium/Multi-Purpose Rooms
Schaumburg Christian School will limit the number of individuals in one space to 50 or fewer during one time as well as limit the mixing of different classes of students in the space at one time. We will ensure auditoriums and multi-purpose rooms that are used are cleaned and sanitized daily and in between groups as much as possible.

Cafeterias/Food Service
Schaumburg Christian School lunch options will be the same as last year. Preschool and pre-kindergarten will still receive the SCS prepared lunch unless a lunch is sent from home. Kindergarten students may purchase the SCS prepared lunch or bring a lunch from home. 1st-12th grade students can bring their own lunch or purchase from Kiddo’s.

Students will eat in the lunchroom with the same students they are with in class. The students will be spaced apart at the lunch tables and be distanced from students of other classes as much as possible.

The cafeterias will be cleaned and disinfected between groups and after meals. Food service personnel will use appropriate PPE, including gloves and face coverings, while preparing and distributing food. Frequent hand hygiene is required.

The teachers at Schaumburg Christian School will provide assigned seating for students and require students to remain in those seats to the greatest extent possible. As much as possible, teacher will remove furniture from their classrooms to make as much room as possible to rearrange desks to allow the maximum distance possible in all directions between the desks. All desks will face the same direction.

Visitors to the classroom will be restricted to only allow supervisors and staff who are required for instruction to be in the classrooms. As much as possible, teachers will build in time for hand hygiene and/or schedule hand hygiene breaks, including before and after eating snacks/meals and upon exiting and returning to the classroom.

Drinking Fountains
Drinking fountains will be on and available throughout the facilities, although Schaumburg Christian School will encourage the use of reusable water bottles.

Early Childhood Social Distancing
Young students may struggle more than other students with understanding and complying with social distancing. Teachers will distance the students as much as possible during the structured teaching time, the classrooms will be cleaned and sanitize regularly, and the teachers will encourage and teach healthy hygiene. Our preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten classes will be self-contained. Once students are in their class, that class becomes a “family.” The class will learn together, play together, eat together, etc. Each class will not combine or interact with students of another class.

Napping/Rest Time: Preschool teachers will ensure that children’s naptime mats and cots are spaced at least 6 feet apart as much as possible. Each child will use the same cot each day.

Extracurricular Activities
In trying to keep school as normal as possible, Schaumburg Christian School does plan to have extracurricular activities. For sports, we will be following the guidelines of the IHSA (Illinois High School Association) which have not yet been decided. With other extracurricular activities, we will follow the IDPH requirements set forth for the school setting, which includes social distancing and limiting students to 50 or fewer, as well as cleaning and disinfecting the areas used.

Field Trips
Field trips are being discouraged, so Schaumburg Christian School is currently not planning any field trips for this school year until it is considered safe to do so.

Music-Related Courses
Schaumburg Christian School still plans to offer band, choir, hand bells, orchestra and music classes. When possible, these music-related courses will be organized into smaller sizes to provide for social distancing. For music classes in 6th grade and below, the music teacher will travel to the different classrooms instead of having all the students share the same music classroom throughout the day.

Private music lessons are still being offered.

Schaumburg Christian School will limit any nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups or organizations, as possible. The school will restrict any visitors to the main office area, when possible.

Physical Education, Gymnasiums, and Locker Rooms
Physical activity can support students’ overall health and well-being and help reduce stress and anxiety. Schaumburg Christian School does plan to have physical education classes. Homeroom classes will be kept together and not mixed with other classes.

PE teachers will encourage students to wash hands at the start and end of each class period. Students should also perform hand hygiene after the use of each piece of equipment.

Playgrounds will be open for use. Students should perform hand hygiene prior to touching playground equipment and upon returning from the playground.

Shared Objects
Using manipulatives and models can be critical in helping students internalize concepts that are abstract, such as the concepts students encounter in math and science classrooms. Schaumburg Christian School will ensure to the greatest extent possible that students have access to their own set of manipulatives or that shared sets are sanitized between uses.

At a minimum, items that must be shared or communally used will be cleaned after each use. Student should also perform hand hygiene between use.

Traffic Flow, Hallways, and Lockers
Schaumburg Christian School is developing a number of procedures to adhere to social distancing requirements in our hallways. These include:

  • Limiting the number of persons within hallways at any given time to the greatest extent possible by having a different bell schedule.
  • Limiting required movement of students between classes by having staff rotate through classes rather than requiring movement/mixing of student groups when possible.
  • Staggering locker assignments to allow for 6-foot distancing between students.

Back-to-School Information and Forms
All back-to-school information and forms have been posted on the website.