Weather & School Emergencies

Severe weather or another emergency may require school to be closed. A decision to close school is generally made by 6:00 a.m. and is made for one day at a time.

Please be assured that we are in constant contact with weather service forecasts. If weather forecasts for our immediate area begin to worsen, we will always make decisions based on the safety of our students and staff. Always assume that school will open as usual; however, it is always important to check with one or more of the following sources of information to obtain accurate and up-to-date information:

  • Text and Automated Messaging: School closings are announced through a text and messaging process through our emergency notification system. This process will contact every phone number in our school system.
  • Call: 1-847-885-3230, Press 5. This is the school number. Information will be provided regarding the opening or closing of school.
  • Online: - Status will be posted on the home page of the school's website.
  • Facebook

As long as the wind chill temperature is above zero degrees, children normally go outside for recess. Please dress them warmly with proper coats, hats, scarves, boots, and mittens. Please label your child's outerwear.

Parking Lot

Beware of icy or slick spots that may occur and drive cautiously. Never leave your vehicle unattended or parked next to the curb line.  Use the parking spaces available in our lots. Safety is every driver's responsibility. Please be considerate of other school families and observe the above guidelines.

School Emergencies

In the event of a school-declared emergency, the administration asks parents/guardians to refrain from coming to school unless instructed to do so. When instructed to come to school, parents/guardians will be directed to the designated student reunification location.